What are the best strategies for owning real estate in Vancouver, Canada in the shortest amount of time when you start with 100,000 CAD?

(January 25, 2016 )

$100K can not be the total payment, but it can be a downpayment. And if you look at it that way you have to find a place where your expenses (mortgage, insurance, taxes, upkeep etc...) are lower than your rental income. 

Moving your focus out of downtown Vancouver will naturally give you a better edge on these numbers. 

Then once you find your place consider renting it furnished - your upfront expenses or something, but your rental income could give you a better surplus of income. 

Then take the extra income and save/invest it and be prepared to up roll your property in the future to a larger property and with more gain potential. 

Make sure that you place your principal residence exemption on the property - doesn't matter if you don't live in it. That way you can not pay taxes when you sell in the future. 

Good luck.

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