Is it boring living in Canada?

(January 14, 2016 )

Somebody asked: Is it boring living in Canada?
If low crime rates, high standards of living, high average income, high levels of successful multi-culturalism, a vibrant arts and music culture, and more pristine wilderness than you could ever see in a lifetime sounds boring to you, then yes, we are boring. We are VERY boring. You'd be better off seeking your excitement elsewhere.

Some points of Canadian boringness to consider:

  • Montreal and Toronto, along with Austin, Seattle, and New York City, are the epicentres of my generation's music -- real music made by real artists/musicians that is.
  • Toronto Film Festival is considered one of the best film festivals in the world.
  • Vancouver consistently ranks in the world's top 3 most desirable cities in the world.
  • Canadian cities are the best examples of successful multiculturalism and integration (ex. ranking highest in interracial marriages) in the world. (*Note -things are still FAR from perfect here, but at least better than anywhere else).
  • University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, and McGill University consistently rank in top 20 universities of the world.
  • On that note, Canada has the most educated population on earth, and our public education ranks in the world's top 10 for Math and Science, and Language and Arts.
  • 7th best country for gender equality.
  • Calgary and Ottawa rank 1 and 4 in the world's cleanest cities. The country as a whole ranks as the 5th cleanest.
  • Toronto consistently ranks in the top 10 most powerful financial centres in the world.

Still with me? Wow, you must be really bored...

In conclusion, I am very happy to be a boring Canadian, living in boring old Canada.

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