How bad really is coke for your health?

It can get pretty bad. I will go point by point

1. 11g sugar per 100 ml of soft drinks - at one litre per day you are consuming 110 g of sugar everyday. Purely empty calories with no nutritive value. Green signal for future issues - obesity being the least concern. 

2. High amounts of carbonic acid (i.e. mix of h20 and co2) will add on to gastric acids and increase acidity in the stomach. Body re- absorbs calcium in the bones to buffer the same leading to weak/brittle bones in the long run

3. As I already mentioned, corrosion of tooth enamel is also one of the bad effects leading to weak and/or discolored teeth

4. Caffeine content of cola drinks will ensure that your body has a hard time absorbing nutrients like iron and calcium through food. 

5. caffeine again - can get quite addictive. caffeine also has a dehydrating effect on the body which leads to loss of vitamin B and C, and many electrolytes 

As for the personal experience, I haven't gone through any of this first hand, but I am a nutritionist by profession so I know a lot many people who have gone through each (or more) of these symptoms

Bottom line, you don't have to quit cold turkey, but a liter a day is a tad bit too much.

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