How do people let themselves get so fat? I don't mean it negatively.

Brandon Westfall, Software Engineer / Lost 95lbs

I went from a 185 in college when I graduated to 285 three years later. I wasn't trying to gain the weight it just happened somewhat naturally. I got a career and started eating out to lunch every day with my coworkers. That probably was an additional 500 calories a day I took in, so 2500 calories in excess a week.

With my career I had more money and started eating out for dinner more often too, typically fast food or restaurants when I was dating. That probably added another 2000 calories a week than my poor college diet couldn't afford. I also kept drinking and partying like I was in college still and with that was binge drinking. That's another 1500 calories a week above my what my body needed to maintain at 185

So suddenly I developed a routine in which I was taking in 5000 calories too much per week. So I was probably gaining 1.25lbs per week.

So I was gaining 5lbs a month. So it's a slow progression and all of a sudden I'm from 185 to 215 and you don't really notice it as much, you're aware but not sure what to do and at 30lbs overweight after say 6 months that is a fair amount of weight to lose and it feels overwhelming when u don't know how to fix it. So you stay the course.

So it's really easy to see how quickly one can gain weight. I also have a body that can just gain weight with ease, if I don't watch what I eat or make deliberate food choices my weight immediately fluctuates upward.

So it continues and then you weigh yourself less and less often then you suddenly just assume your weight until you actually find out. For me it was on a WII game with my roommates. It weighs you and I stepped on it and assumed i was about 250 and then suddenly 3 years after I weighed 285. I didn't notice in my clothes because as you get fat your clothes get fat with you. I still fit in my 34" jeans but that's bc they were old and stretched, I was actually a 44" waist. That was depressing when I figured it out.

Fortunately I turned it all around and aspiring towards my goal of single digit body fat percentage.

Here is my journey once I started to change:

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