Stereotypes Torontonians and Vancouverites

This is how a friend of mine would see it

Vancouver People
  • will brag about how it's "the most beautiful city in Canada" and complain about the ridiculously high cost-of-living. (just like hotels - the more luxurious the decor, the greater the number of amenities, and the more convenient and prime the location - the bigger the rates)

  • LOVE to talk about the weather (especially the rain, and how it ruins their jogging plans etc..) I feel like I spend the first 10 mins of each phone conversation with my parents talking about the weather.

  • LOVE to trash talk the Toronto Maple Leafs (I still don't understand the full story behind the crazy hate for each cities hockey team)

  • Are kind of pretentious and self-involved - the most decent human beings I've ever met, I'm sad to say - have been since I moved here to Toronto. There are few people back home that I would say are my good friends.

  • Are more willing to help a stranger, offer help with directions to tourists, or be polite around people they don't know (even if it is just an act)

  • Think Torontonians are a bunch of arrogant assholes who think they are just SO great and that Toronto is the center of the universe.

Toronto People

  • Can seem cold at first - won't go out of their way to get to know you, but will warm up quite quickly if you make the first move to get to know them. It was very hard for me to meet new friends when I first arrived, but once I met a few people, they brought me into their circles and made me feel right at home.

  • Think Vancouverites are too laid back and start work at noon.

  • Are not as likely to assist strangers, or anyone struggling with groceries, or to open a door - in fact, a lot of times I've noticed that when I open a door to go out, other people will walk in first. Door etiquette is very poor.

  • Don't really fit the negative reputation the rest of Canada has seemed to give them (in my opinion)

  • Can not seem to coordinate proper walking directions on sidewalks or in malls...... there never seems to be a right lane - left lane organization to keep traffic moving - and groups of people will walk SLOWER THAN MOLASSES shoulder to shoulder and take up the entire width of the sidewalk.